Grattan Raceway

Grattan Raceway Park is for sale


Grattan Raceway Park Features: – 220 Acre Facility with spacious, well-maintained grounds. – An in-ground swimming pool for Grattan Raceway guests, which will be open for all of our races (Memorial Day through Labor Day, weather permitting). – Modern restrooms and showers. – Paved drive in and out of the facility. – 40-rider cement starting gate. – A 2-mile road course that can be used to bicycle or rollerblade on (with a helmet, after the races) for Grattan Raceway guests only. – Several ponds and a lake which can be used for swimming or fishing. – Water and a dump station. – Race gas on site, 104 and 110 octane available. – A mini track for 50 ss, 50 Trail, Trail Jr, Trail Sr, and 65 Beginner riders. – A covered viewing area as well as spectator stands – Grattan no longers offers concessions .